More Student/Scholar Testimonials

“It was really wonderful experience being a part of picnic. it was really giving a feeling and sense of community…before coming here I was bit nervous and having so many things in my mind related to life and all. But through MFIS I got good feeling and support and looking forward to see you all and to be together as a part of community. As it is for me a place where I can call HOME AFTER HOME”

“Being here is an opportunity that comes once in a lifetime. This picnic is a really fun way to start!”

Capitol Reception
“Thank you very much for having organized the reception for all of us on Sunday. It is such a wonderful event! I am so grateful for your efforts and everything. It has been the most unforgettable experience for me at Madison.”

Temporary Homestay
“Thank you for your hospitality!…I am quite warmed by your volunteer work in receiving newcomers! So my knowing about UW actually begins from your excellent work. Thank you!”

”She knew I was ill prepared for weather and that dorm cafeteria was closed that day. She arrived, got me some warm clothes, food and got me situated. She even wrote to my mother in Pakistan and told her to not worry as she would be delighted to be mom while I was in Madison. That is my mom Jo. On top of my best memories of Madison rest the wonderful experience with this farm family. Her husband John and five kids became my family. They were the shining examples of America and American people.”

“My family came to Madison in 1978. We were greeted by members of MFIS at the airport and hosted by Horton family. They helped us, advised us, and made us feel welcome. My husband has obtained his PhD at UW Madison, and went on to have successful career as a professor. Now our two sons are also professors. Our family is an example of immigrant success story, but I will never forget our first days in the new country that were made so much easier by the help of volunteers of MFIS.”

“…she provided me with temporary stay that helps me a lot with settling down here. Also during that time, she took me to a tractor pulling competition. This is so American country, and I was amazed that how serious people are about that. It is absolutely a unique experience. The welcome party held by the MFIS was also fun. I learned a lot about the history of Wisconsin, and even the Wisconsin dance there. The Thanksgiving dinner was so cool. It was my first time to spend the American holiday in an American way with an American family. Now I can tell my families and friends in China how would people celebrate the Thanksgiving.”

“I was really worried when I wanted to travel to US as that was my first time to live in a foreign country. But, after arriving to US and met Simone and Roland, I found that it is very good country and people are really nice. I believe that this MFIS program is really really helpful for international students and scholars…”

“We have a very interesting story when we arrived to US and I would like to share it with you. I decided to travel to US first and see the condition, and my family (my wife and my 6 years old daughter) joined me in two weeks. But we faced a very big problem. A day after I arrived, the president declared the travel ban and our country was in the list. Therefore, we were really sad and nervous. I did not know what to do. My family decided to travel immediately and you can consider how fast they had to prepare for such a big travel. Fortunately, they could enter to US about 2 hours before the border get closed. Simone and Roland again helped me pick up my family and they kindly hosted all of us…”

“Having lived in another foreign country before, where it took me 8 months to find my footing, I do not take for granted that Dean has spent himself to make feel at home in Madison, and has sacrificed so much for me. This is a thank you to MFIS, and to Mr. Dean. I will forever be grateful for this program and will remain indebted to Dean even beyond my stay in Madison.”

“We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Jennifer and Dan. They drive the 8 of us to their place in Cottage Grove. We had great food (coupled with insightful conversations), and then some fun time playing darts, ping-pong and air-hockey. I would like to thank you and the entire MFIS team for providing us this opportunity to be part of local Thanksgiving celebrations.”

“And I really want to say thank you to MFIS and Jamie’s family for giving me such a warm memory in Madison.”

“…thank you to the MFIS team for organizing this opportunity for the international students so as to get a glimpse of American traditions and enjoy the fest! It was a really great experience … our hosts invited us early so that we could peep in to the food preparations, see the full turkey before it’s cut into pieces, learn about the different dishes and all of us were asked to share ‘what we have have been thankful for, this past year’.”

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