Furniture - Volunteers

We collect, store, and distribute gently used furniture to visiting international students and scholars when they arrive in Madison to help make their residence feel more like a home.  Our volunteers dedicate their time obtaining furniture, fixing items as needed, helping students select items, and organizing delivery when possible. Furniture is first come, first served. It CANNOT be reserved. Students tell us this service is invaluable to them and are grateful for our support.

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  • Where? Our location is a storage garage behind the Dale Heights Presbyterian Church at 5501 University Avenue in Madison. See a map for the location of the Furniture Storage Place.  See Madison Metro Bus Route.
  • Delivery? The student renter is responsible for transporting the furniture, but MFIS will try to arrange delivery to Madison addresses for $10 – $15 per trip. Delivery service cannot be guaranteed.
  • Due to the limited number of volunteers at this time, unfortunately we are not able to process all requests. We are trying to respond to all incoming inquiries within 5 days, but if you have not heard from us within this period, we suggest that you reach out to other organizations indicated below on this webpage. Thank you in advance
    for your understanding!
  • What if I cannot find what I need? If MFIS does not have what you are looking for try the thrift/second-hand stores in the Madison area.
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