How to Get Involved

Madison Friends of International Students (MFIS) delivers a variety of interesting programs due to our generous volunteers and donors.  The organization runs with essentially no overhead costs.  All contributions of time, money and in-kind goods go directly to supporting our programs for Madison’s international students. 

We have provided thousands of visiting international students, scholars and their families with support and friendship for almost 70 years.  Please review our Programs to learn more about what MFIS has to offer and get involved today!

Become a Volunteer!
Members of the Madison community can join our pool of volunteers. You can find a description of our programs and volunteer opportunities in the Volunteer section of our website. To join, complete the on-line Volunteer Application Form (VAF).  All volunteers who work directly with students will be screened by MFIS in compliance with the University of Wisconsin requirements. 

Become a Donor!
Many of our volunteers, students and other community residents make financial contributions to support the costs incurred to operate our programs.  We need funds for event space rental, food, entertainment, and other expenses related to our programs. Donate now!

Welcome Students and Scholars!

We offer a variety of Programs that you can participate in to meet members of the the Madison community and other international students, to learn more about out culture and language, and to have fun! 

Want to know More?

Please contact us at if you have any questions.  Thank you for supporting the Madison community of international students!

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