English Conversation Classes

    Thank you for your interest in our English Conversation sessions via Zoom! These virtual chat sessions are designed to give non-native English speakers a chance to hear new vocabulary and practice the language skills they already possess. The facilitator for each of these sessions is a native speaker and will be responsible for choosing topics, appropriate to each level, and for ensuring that all students have a chance to participate. 
    You are invited to sign up for the class that best suits your schedule and your comfort level with speaking English by clicking on our registration page. For example, if you’ve only studied English for a short time, you may wish to choose any of our Beginner sessions. Or, if you have studied a lot of English but are still not confident speaking with native speakers, you might be best served by choosing one of our Intermediate sessions. But if you’ve been studying for a long time and feel comfortable speaking on a variety of topics that may require advanced vocabulary, you may wish to sign up for one of our Advanced sessions. Please sign up for only one section. We are limiting each session to 4 students. We will try to accommodate your first choice, but we will contact you if any adjustments need to be made.
    Classes will begin on Wednesday, February 1 and will run through the week of May 8. Each class is approximately one hour in duration. Prior to the class, you will be notified of the Zoom password for your section by your facilitator. There is no fee for the class.   ALL ENGLISH CONVERSATION CLASSES FOR SPRING SEMESTER 2023 ARE NOW FULL.

Questions?  englishclasses@mfismadison.org

Hope you enjoy your continued language journey! 
Dineen Grow
MFIS English Classes Coordinator 

LevelDay of WeekTime
Beginner FULLSunday7pm - 8pm
Beginner FULLWednesday3pm - 4pm
Beginner FULLWednesday7pm - 8pm
Intermediate FULLSunday7pm - 8pm
Intermediate FULLMonday7pm - 8pm
Intermediate FULLTuesday10am - 11am
Advanced FULLTuesday10am - 11am
Advanced FULLThursday11am - noon
Advanced FULLThursday6pm - 7pm


Online conversational English classes in spring semester 2023 are completed and were a big success.  We are hoping to again offer a selection of online conversation classes in the fall semester of 2023.

Stay tuned for updated information and registration access.

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